Planet Eclipse LV1 Vamped

Excl. BTW: €826,41
Merk: Planet Eclipse
Model: LV1
Beschikbaarheid: 2 - 3 Dagen
Tags: LV1, Vamped, Eclipse


THE LV1 HAS TO BE SEEN AND SHOT TO FULLY APPRECIATE THE LEAP FORWARD THIS SYSTEM HAS MADE TO POPPET VALVE MARKERS....So what are the benefits to shooting the LV1? Well, the smaller forces generated by the reciprocating components (the bolt and the rammer) due to lower LPR pressure and the smoother profile of the air which is released behind the ball combine to greatly reduced kick and significantly lower the sound signature. The change is so marked that in terms of feel and sound the Ego LV1 is no longer comparable to other poppet-based markers, but instead finds itself competing with the very best spool operated devices. The LV1 has to be seen and shot to fully appreciate the leap forward this system has made to poppet valve markers.



For more info about the lv1 check:




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